Hey, I'm on Amazon!

by brian d foy

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Learning Perl 4th Edition is just around the corner, and it has my name on the cover! That probably isn't a big deal to most people, so you'll have to forgive my glee. I actually learned Perl from the first edition of Learning Perl (the "pink llama"), and now, ten or so years later, I worked on the latest edition of it.

It's actually a bit odd for me. I work with Randal Schwartz at Stonehenge, the original and sole author of the first edition, and I still feel like he's The Man. Maybe that's a good reason for my name to be in all lower case next to his (well, next to Tom's, really, since I'm the last of the authors).

This also means I get to take part in an O'Reilly book signing event at OSCON. All three of the authors of the newest Learning Perl will be there so you can get the signature trifecta if you stop by.