Hey, who's gonna pay for all this

by Daniel H. Steinberg

I've tuned in daily to Rocketboom for a while now.* The Rocketboom eBay auction is just a stunt but it's getting plenty of attention. Also, in the first day the bidding has gotten up to $6100.

The bigger story is that this popular video blog is about to include commercials in its daily cast. Two things to note: first, they are doing this in the most tasteful way possible. The ad will run at the end of the program. Secondly, they are offering a subscriber service at $3/month for an advertising free version with extra content.

We've been struggling with the same issues. We want to expand and improve our podcasting offerings, but we need to cover our costs. We recently added an advertisement to the beginning of some of our programs. What else should we try?

* Reminder to self - run the interview with the developer of FireAnt on Distributing the Future.