Hi, I'm M.'s New Mac, and I'm His Dead PC

by M. David Peterson

Last Sunday the power supply on my *MUCH* beloved DevBox finally gave up the ghost.

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Death of the DevBox

As per the above photo, if not obvious, that's a power supply half the size of my DevBox hanging off to the side. The machine itself is completely custom, right down to the screws that keep the sub-compact power supply and cooling system snugly fit inside. Finding a replacement is no easy task, and it was becoming more and more obvious that my last minute hack of desparation -- ripping a power supply out of a nearby tower, pulling off the side of the DevBox, and plugging it into the motherboard -- was not something that was safe and as such, something that I could expect to last for very much longer. Couple this with the fact that in its current state it was no longer a "portable" workstation (coupled with a flat-screen monitor and a reasonably sized ergonomic keyboard, you might be surprised at just how portable such a workstation can be) and it became all too obvious,

It was time for Timmy's well deserved retirement. (< Yes, his name is Timmy. Long story... Don't ask. ;-)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have never claimed to be a Mac FanBoy. As per the intro to the photo collage of my first Mac purchase a year ago October,