Hibernate, Hibernate, Hibernate!

by Robert Cooper

It is hard to miss the word in my RSS reader the last few days. The Genuitec modifications controversy continues to boil. The Sniping about what has been rechristenedRedHat Developer Studio is getting tiresome. But the trademark of Hibernate and the "some people say" seeming Bellevueian enforcement of such boils around the web.

On the more technical side, though, is Google's Hibernate Shards distribution/balancing system and the Hibernate Search stuff rolling out. Hani notes some Hibernate JPA compliance bashing at TSSJS (marginally safe for work), something that I have run into a number of times.


2007-03-23 04:38:36
A big big big title, a dinky dinky dinky post

Please give us some substance to comment on...

2007-03-23 06:47:22
wtf was this all about?
2007-03-23 11:05:58
The guy is just probably showing an easy way to be sued by (the company that bought JBoss) that has recently trade-marked the word "Hibernate".

Oops... pls don't sue me... I will never say or write "hibernate" again. D'oh... I just wrote "hibernate". D'oh... I can't stop.

2007-03-23 14:14:34
Worst post ever... but I bet your traffic spiked.

2007-03-26 18:33:39
Boring, Boring, Boring!
2007-03-30 03:13:21
What are you saying? Are you serious about this spam?