Hibernate & JDO

by Dion Almaer

I have been using Hibernate recently. It works, its simple, its powerful, XDoclet supports it, and of course... it is free. How can JDO compete with the likes of Hibernate and Castor on the "free" end, and CocoBase/TOPLink on the "not so free" end.

I really want JDO to succeed. People have complained about the first spec, and most of it came down to the fact that OO database guys wrote it, and we need input from the OR mappers.

I think the future of JDO will come down to JDO 2.x. So many people *want* to be able to use JDO. It is such a nice idea isn't it? How can we make it work?

  • Get all of the parties involved

  • Work out the tough issues (TX, power queries, quality OR mapping)

  • Get buy in from the likes of Hibernate/Castor/Cocobase

If these project supported JDO, and implemented the spec, I think it would be HUGE. If we don't have support from at least some of these camps, then JDO will not reach its potential. What a shame that would be.