Hiccup or more for .NET?

by Steve Anglin

Because of the spreading Nimda virus, Gartner and other sources have recommended that enterprise level businesses use other platforms besides Windows OS and .NET. Is this a hiccup or the beginning of much more?

It is my belief that this is a hiccup, for now. But the apparent security flaws in the Windows OS, along with IIS and IE vulnerabilities, may force Microsoft to consider a Windows OS rebuild in the long-term. For now, they'll likely have to stick to patch-work solutions, something they've been good at for some time. So far, however, Nimda has exploited patchwork.

Back to long-term implications, enterprise level developers have always feared server-side Windows OS because of a number of issues, including security or lack thereof. This will make Windows as well as IIS even less palatable development environments, which will clearly affect the adoption of the .NET framework. Therefore, Microsoft will clearly have to look at a redesign of at least its server-side Windows OS, by considering the following: Windows OS with a Linux kernel (Winux).

This is not so off-the-wall. Look at Apple's Mac OS X. It's based on a BSD kernel. Anyway, it's something Microsoft should seriously consider. They would certainly help in building a better performing and more secure OS, as well as win over developers not currently interested in or using .NET.

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Share your thoughts on whether or not this is just a hiccup or much more. If much more, what other solutions would you offer MS (if any)?