High CPU Utilization in Dapper

by Jeremy Jones

I've been noticing that my CPU utilization has been higher than I had been used to with Breezy. Running ``top`` only showed me that a lot of CPU was being used, but not a process that was using it. I suspected beagle was doing something funky, so I killed it. That didn't help. I really didn't think that was it, but it didn't hurt to try. It felt like something lower down that beagle out to be running. I stumbled across a bug report mentioning the same problem. The problem is in the 686 kernel and can be resolved (hopefully only temporarily) by reverting to a 386 kernel. This appears to have resolved my problem.

Now I've started beagle back up and he's happily sniffing through my system, taking all the CPU time and has my CPU at a temperature that I'd be comfortable if my chicken were cooked to. Hopefully he's just re-indexing some stuff.


Peter Boosten
2006-03-27 22:13:37
No problems with Dapper CPU running under ESX. I've two other problems tho: I cannot get the time running right (although ntpd is running the time runs up to one hour behind) and an annoying "PAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/pam_foreground.so)" generated by cron.