Higher Order Ruby

by Gregory Brown

For those who have read Higher Order Perl, you might be interested in the work in progress which is James Edward Gray II's Higher Order Ruby series.

James is doing his usual thing (being hardcore), and in the process has come up with 6 articles so far, many of them full of neat little tricks. Even if you haven't read Higher Order Perl and are just looking for a little extra Ruby lovin', this is a fine way to get some.

Being a former perl guy myself, it's nice to see the way a lot of these things are handled so elegantly in ruby.


2006-03-17 06:34:19
Very nice, also I would like that you could comment the recent news about Ruby target to .NET project see:
A real implementation of Ruby.NET in the making
2008-07-08 08:15:30
It looks like James has moved the Higher Order Ruby series to: http://blog.grayproductions.net/categories/higherorder_ruby