Hitting the Reset Button.

by Timothy Appnel

There are moments when if people compromise something great can happen and if they don't the opportunity passes. [Dave Winer via Joe Greggorio]

Could it be possible to reach general consensus on a syndication format and common publishing API for all? Could we put an end to the morass of pointless political posturings, egotistical rants and FUD slinging that have plagued RSS and Weblog APIs?

Sam Ruby is hosting a wiki to experiment with exact this notion. Today he writes:

A week ago I quietly introduced a wiki to discuss the anatomy of a well formed log entry. It got a lot of interest And a week later, it is still being actively developed.

Wow. It seems that I am not the only one desiring a bit of forward motion in this area.

Amen to that Sam. I'm quite thrilled to see this discussion has legs in the form of tangible progress and general consensus. Hitting the reset button and taking a step back seems like the only sane option left.

Mark Pilgrim (Sam's partner-in-crime in developing the RSS Validator) writes we've all collectively learned so much in the past few years from the real-world successes and failures of syndication formats, archive formats, wire formats, and all the rest of the tech-behind-the-experience of weblogging. Most of that wisdom has been collected on Sam's wiki in the past week. I think the time is right to apply this collective wisdom, to get a fresh start, with a new format.

Having written on this topic in the past year at great length both here and on my personal weblog, I have to agree and fully support the roadmap for the next phase that has been posted.