Home in on Coffee with your BlackBerry

by Dave Mabe

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Here's a really cool (and free) app for your BlackBerry. It's called Caffeine Finder and as the name implies it helps you find the closest coffee shop given your current location.


The GPS version of the program automatically tells you the closest coffee shop given your current coordinates. With the non-GPS version you just enter your current address and zip code as the reference point.

It's great to see more applications like this one and all the Magmic Games that really make excellent use of the BlackBerry API with an emphasis on BlackBerry usability. There is some nice eye candy that you'll see as you scroll the trackwheel. For example, as you scroll through the list of closest coffee shops the map location changes colors highlighting the currently selected one. The rankings also change on another part of the screen accordingly.


The app also lets the users enter comments and rankings for coffee shops that are shared among all Caffeine Finder users.


It's great to see a program with excellent usability that's released with separate versions for GPS devices and non-GPS devices. I've got a feeling there will be more on the way.


2005-11-12 06:22:09
"home in"
I'm no language fascist, but "hone in on" does particularly jar me. Perhaps it's because my Engineer's training provides a good first-principles gloss of "home in" and not "hone in". Anyway, many see "hone in" as an "eggcorn". Good old LanguageLog covers the issue, as always:


2005-11-12 09:13:36
"home in"
Wow. Now that's an interesting comment. I actually struggled for a few minutes with that title. I even looked up hone because it just didn't look right, kind of like when you stare at a word too long.

Thanks for the comment - very interesting.

2005-12-12 10:00:42
Thanks Dave...we have also just launched Fast Food Finder
We hope that your readers will also like our next finder application: Fast Food Finder for the BlackBerry.