Homeless Hacker: Hacker/Cracker or Media Whore?

by Steve Mallett

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I have a soft spot in my heart for folks who publicize internet weaknesses that people are often too lazy or greedy to bother fixing. The whitehat cracker. A lot of folks cross the line, but this is just a personal musing so let's not get too caught up in the details, ok?

Adrian Lamo, aka the Homeless Hacker, has been in the news a lot lately, and I recall him striking a pose for Wired a while back. After reading this interview this morning I have some serious issues cross my mind about his motives. Is this guy for real? He's half the Dali Lama: " It ('Faith manages') means that nothing we do is wasted and that in the universe that we inhabit, it's a closed system under the laws of physics in which energy is never destroyed and everything that we do is redistributed and recycled to the place it should be. " and part completely oblivious to the reality of the world: "Q: You've told reporters many times in the past that you've entered corporate networks without permission. Did you? A: Certainly not. (laughs) Yes, yes, I have."

I have my suspicion that Lamo is looking for a Free Lamo fanclub not trying to uncover questionable internet practices.

Is Lamo a media whore or the real deal?


2003-09-16 06:39:14
Lamo is Lamo - what you see is what you get
I have met Adrian and I can assure you that he is exactly what he appears to be. He does indeed talk that way and he does appear to operate on a totally different plain than most folks.

But he is definitely NOT a media whore. Some folks are born in the spot light, others hide from the spot light and yet others have the spot light thrust upon them. Adrian is one of those folks who would prefer to stay out of the limelight and quietly go about his business.

I don't think Adrian has ever actively sought out fame or glory for his online activities.

Usually it has been the media that have actively sought him out for insight into his hackings and crackings.

In fact I think the first published reference to Adrian was from Kevin Poulsen, who writes for SecurityFocus. Based on those widely disseminated articles, picked up by Associated Press and the UK's The Register.co.uk, word of Adrian's activities spread and other media journalist sought him out.

You will notice that Declan, in the article today, 'sought Adrian out' as well.

A media whore is something like the guys with the Cult of the Dead Cow. Annually they role out some silly ass announcement that gives all journalist the jitters. The CDC than milk their fifteen minutes of fame for their own personal glory and ego boosting. You could say that they are a junior version of the chaps at @stake who milked their journalist strings to form a company, appear before government committees etc.

I have seen security and hacker media whores. Adrian is not one of them

2003-09-16 06:45:54
Lamo is Lamo - what you see is what you get
Wow, great info. If I had moderation you'd go to the top. Thanks.


2003-09-16 07:49:11
Lamo is Lamo - what you see is what you get
I have to fully agree, I have read and seen many interviews with Adrian and I personally feel that what you see is what you get with Adrian. You don't have to look too deep to see what is motives are, he is up front about them.
2003-09-20 00:07:47
Lamo is Lamo - what you see is what you get
Adrian *does* seek out interviews. If anyone is a media whore, it is him. He is always eager to be interviewed. I don't know what the AC above is smoking...

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