How do you know Apple's new device will succeed? iPod Porn

by Derrick Story

Whether you like it or not, the porn industry is one of the best predictors of how new technologies will fare. They helped usher in the home video revolution, fueled early adoption of the Internet, and now have begun to produce video specifically compressed for the new iPod. People who say Apple's latest device isn't revolutionary should take note.

In a Macworld UK article by Jonny Evans, he writes, "Sites from the dark side of the Web are already rushing to buy QuickTime Pro licenses so they can create viral transmissions intended to pounce down the broadband pipe into Apple's new media players... The tech-savvy adult industry understands how to harness the Internet to stimulate audiences, create brand loyalty and drive demand. As expected, it is rushing to embrace this new iPod-driven, portable-video gold rush."

I'm happy to say that I thought the new iPod was impressive before the porn industry embraced it.


2005-10-21 13:41:18
Password Protection
Ack! It just dawned on me why the new iPod has password protection...
2005-10-21 16:09:05
Password Protection
Funny :-0
Pod Porn Guy
2006-02-13 07:28:43
It's true. It will succeed. But not just the iPod. Practically any portable device is conducive to watching porn on the go. Even your cellphone

It's damn near the Jetsons in here!

2006-02-25 14:21:34
You gotta admit the quality of "iPod porn movies" at do the iPod capabilities justice!
2006-03-26 10:40:16
It already is succeeding! There's enough out there to start indexing it...