How is Java (6.0 Mustang and Beyond) Going to be Different

by Krishna Srinivasan

Details about upcoming Java 6.0 a.k.a Mustang and even 7.0 Dolphin are slowly emerging. It seems that Sun has reacted to the demands of the open source community and it has changed the way how the future Java releases are going to be developed. Plus there are interesting things coming.
It seems that Mustang (6.0) will be feature release, and that Dolphin (7.0)
should be a step up release like the 5.0 was. More

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2006-12-13 05:51:47
When you say, "upcoming Java 6.0," you mean the one that was released on Monday, right? ;-)

I think you'll find all of your "slowly emerging" details here:

2006-12-13 08:20:35
Um you know the blog posting your linking to is nearly 2 years old?
2006-12-13 09:33:43
Latest developments in the java world show that the platform is competing well and the future looks good. But it looks like all the attention is grabbed by all those other over-hyped new technologies, leaving us with with poor unattended websites like this one. Anybody knows a good java place?
2006-12-13 14:47:32
Come on! This article was written in February! Life has moved on a bit since then and Mustang (aka Java 1.6 was just released)
2006-12-14 17:51:40
Yellek, the article that Krishna is linking to was written on "6/2/2005". Whether that is 6 Feb 2005 or Jun 2, 2005 - I am not sure.