How MapQuest Saved Christmas

by Daniel H. Steinberg

Here's a simple Christmas story in audio form called How MapQuest Saved Christmas.(1M, 2 minutes 50 seconds)

One of the great things about working for O'Reilly's Online Publication Group is that we seem to be continually experimenting and trying new things. Do you remember in the early days of the web when people used to put up those Under Construction icons? You don't seem them anymore because everyone knows that the nature of the web is that it is under construction.

This year I've been fortunate to be involved with the launch of our audio efforts. Thank you for your comments about our podcast Distributing the Future and our stream of features of O'Reilly folks and friends that we present in our FOO Casts. We have other ideas for audio that we'll feature on our podcasts page as well as elsewhere that we'll share with you in 2006. As always, drop us an email with your comments.

Thanks to Terrie Miller for helping me post this during the Christmas weekend.


2005-12-26 23:30:59
Thanks for Sharing
That’s a sweet story, Daniel—and tastefully presented. I’d enjoy hearing more short, anecdotal podcasts. Any suggestions? One-Minute Vacation ( is another nice step in that direction. —David
2005-12-28 11:26:13
I click the Post A Comment button and before I can write the "nice story, blah blah blah" followup I'd intended, my 21 month-old daughter comes zooming into my home office.

"Hi Daddy!" she squeals. "Hi Sweetie, what are you...whew! I think you need a new diaper, huh? Let's go find Mommy", I say.

Before I can get up, my three year old daughter comes bounding in: "Daddy, I love you. Whatcha doing?"

A half an hour, lots of tickles, kisses and a new diaper later, Mommy's bundled them off to the library so I can get a little work done.

Some interruptions you don't mind so much.

Anyway. Nice story Daniel. You're my model of how to be a good Dad to young daughters.

I have a similar story: "How Google Maps Saved Arbor Day". Should I record it?