How to Add a Feature to Perl 5

by chromatic

Yesterday's How to Patch Perl 5 explained the big picture of how to add a new feature to a dynamic language with a virtual machine. Now it's time to discuss the technical details.


Daniel Berger
2008-05-29 21:49:19
Will toke.c understand unicode? I once tried to get Ruby to understand "в‰Ў" as a bonafide operator (instead of just a method), but I couldn't make it work.
2008-06-04 16:50:02
@Daniel, it does, though I believe you have to use the utf8 pragma to notify the parser to interpret characters with high bits set as UTF-8. I've just browsed toke.c and can't explain what's going on to my satisfaction. See on the CPAN, for example.
2008-06-16 06:09:41
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