How to be a good computer reporter

by Andy Lester

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It's great to see coverage of women in computing, but some fact-checking would have been in order.

The latest Computerworld CareerMail included a link to a story about the "Women In Open Source" panel at OSCON. Unfortunately, there was a little goof in identifying O'Reilly Media:

Allison Randal, president of the Perl Foundation and an editor for Hillsboro, Ore.-based IT book publishers O'Reilly Media Inc., said she has been able to get involved in open-source projects by being assertive and just working hard.

I'm guessing that author Todd Weiss assumed that the Hillsboro , OR" on Allison's nametag referred to O'Reilly, not Allison herself.
It's baffling to think that Weiss seems to know nothing about O'Reilly, who were sponsoring the conference.