How to Figure out Which U.S. Cell Phone Companies Exchange MMS

by Todd Ogasawara

U.S. mobile phone carriers recently announced various combinations of exchanging MMS (multimedia) messages. But, looking at the separate announcements was confusing to me. So, I drew a little diagram to help me figure out which services can exchange MMS messages.
The diagram on the left is based on information from the CNET article:

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Note that the MMS exchanges are point to point.
So, you could not, for example, send an MMS message from a Verizon Wireless phone to a T-Mobile phone using Cingular as an intermediary (if I interpreted the news articles correctly).

Are you going to start sending MMS messages to friends on other networks now?


2005-07-11 03:03:33
All Or Nothing
Won't help, I expect. Here in the UK, it was only after the networks *all* agreed to exchange MMS messages that it began to take off. I mean; how often do you know what network your friends are on? And since sending an MMS involves a charge, you're not going to do it unless you're sure. The diagram just shows me that US operators still don't get customer convenience :)