How to Open Canon 5D Raw Files

by Derrick Story

If you have a new Canon 5D and are ready to shoot Raw, be prepared for a few bumps in your workflow. You can't use the current version of Bridge or iPhoto 5 to browse your thumbnails. You can open the .CR2 files in Camera Raw 3.2. More on this by reading Dealing with Canon 5D Raw Files.


2005-10-14 05:31:25
Success with Bridge
A quick note on Adobe Bridge... If you download the latest version of Camera Raw plug-in (v 3.2) and put it here:

/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS2/File\ Formats/Camera\ Raw.plugin

You can view Canon 5D .CR2 files in Bridge. When I first tested this it didn't work. After a restart it did...