How To Pronounce Rubinius

by M. David Peterson

Pat Eyler works about a block and a half from where I live in downtown SLC, UT, and yesterday we met up for lunch. Amongst our far reaching topics of conversation included the proper way to pronounce Rubinius. In case any of you were like me and had no clue how to properly pronounce it, here's the general idea,

Say "Rubik's Cube".

Then replace the "k" in Rubik's with "n", the end result sounding like a Reuben sandwich (mmm... my favorite! :D) or Rubin Stoddard (hmmm... not so much my favorite, though I'm not an American Idol fan (that's cuz' I'm not a TV fan, not because I despise the show itself) so that could be why.)

So now that I think of it you can probably just skip the Rubik's cube 'k -> n' transfusion and move right on through to Reuben/Rubin, but whatever makes you happy; I would just run with that and call it good. ;-)

OK! So, now that we have the first part figured out... Say "I" (as in you, but in reverse) make that EEE, as in "I am an idEEEot". See 'probablycorey''s comment and my follow-up below for all the gorey details and then "us" (as in "you and I"), putting all of them together to form,

Rubin EEE us

... and that's it! You now know how to properly pronounce the Rubinius project :-) But no need to thank me. Thank Pat!

Thanks, Pat! :D


2008-02-15 12:25:24
Isn't it more like Ru bin EEE us? That's how evan pronounced it at rubyconf.
M. David Peterson
2008-02-15 12:44:17

*CRAP*! You're right... I totally got sidetracked by the whole "how to pronounce the Rubin part" that I totally muffed the "ius" part.

I'll fix that now... Thanks for the catch! :D

M. David Peterson
2008-02-15 12:49:23

Fixed. Thanks again for the catch!

2008-02-15 13:30:31
Where is the emphasis? I've always read it as rue BIN ee us. Are you saying that it should be rue bin EE us?
M. David Peterson
2008-02-15 13:48:31

I think I'm going to have to leave this one for someone who knows better than I.


Dan Sickles
2008-02-15 19:55:35
If it's rue bin EE us and not rue BIN ee us, I'll never say it again. I haven't written a line of C increment in 10 years.
M. David Peterson
2008-02-15 22:06:42

For some reason I wasn't sounding out the difference between the two correctly when I looked at Will's post, but coming back to it it's completely obvious... It's rubinEEEus without a doubt.

Simon Hibbs
2008-02-17 07:29:39
And there was I thinking it was pronounced Pa-Rrr-OT.

But then, re-inventing wheel is hobby with ever-enduring popularity.

M. David Peterson
2008-02-19 03:36:15

>> And there was I thinking it was pronounced Pa-Rrr-OT.

>> But then, re-inventing wheel is hobby with ever-enduring popularity.

I hadn't realized they realeased Perl 6. When did that happen? ;-)

Oh wait, I see... You mean the re-invention of vaporware? The difference in this comparison, of course, is that Rubinius is available today.

Any word yet on which "any day now" Perl 6 is scheduled for release? ;-)

2008-02-21 11:20:24
I hadn't realized they realeased Perl 6.

We release a new version of Parrot every month (the most recent release was yesterday). These releases include Rakudo, an implementation of Perl 6 running on Parrot. Rakudo is still under development, but we add new features weekly, if not daily.

We've released monthly versions of Parrot for the past 14 or 15 months.

(To forestall any and every stupid retort about "vaporware" and "not a Perl 6 1.0 release", answer me this: is Rubinius finished yet either? If not, then why is it not just as much "vaporware" as Perl 6, which is also in progress, also available for anyone to play with, and actually has stable releases?)

M. David Peterson
2008-02-21 11:26:36

My bad. Not being a Perl programmer, I hadn't realized this to be the case. I should also point out that while I like the ideas behind Rubinius, I am brand new to the scene so am just beginning to absorb what it's all about.