How to Run Your Own Software Business

by Derrick Story

Software developers can get into the business of publishing their own creations without needing to raise millions of dollars of venture capital.

Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software, LLC (and of Watson fame) has put together an all star panel including Brent Simmons and Will Shipley on Tuesday at Mac OS X Con to show you the inside secrets of a successful business. Later that same day, you can attend Messaging & Branding; After the Product is Developed, What Next? with Sam Levin and Scott Sheppard. Tuesday also features Chris Bourdon and Wiley Hodges of Apple talking about Tiger, and an evening event with Andy Ihnatko. Oh my!


2004-10-12 07:01:45
Conference Proceedings/Video/Audio Available?

Will you be making conference proceedings and/or video/audio recordings of any of the sessions available?

I'm unable to attend due to prior obligations, but I would definitely be interested in this.


2004-10-12 09:21:47
Conference Proceedings/Video/Audio Available?
I also am very interested in seeing these sessions!
2004-10-12 14:23:10
Post Conference Recordings
Unfortunately, we won't be posting recordings of the sessions after the conference. We will, however, run articles, post weblogs, and publish pictures as we do for our other events. So you will be able to read what others are saying about the event.

Also, I can't emphasize enough how different (and better) it is to experience these sessions in real time. Having just covered the Web 2.0 Conference, I can tell you that every person I talked to was thrilled to be there in person. Even the coffee breaks are thrilling :)

2004-10-12 17:32:26
Its a little difficult to be there when it happens when you live on a different continent and in a different time zone.

I'd love to see/hear recordings from the conference, much like they do on ...

2004-10-14 07:16:54
Need Help!
Hi there

Seven months back I started a software and web application development business, from the day one we kept on getting ok type of projects but so far havent made a dine and neither got successful in developing regular customers.

In my company I have around 14 programmers, web developers and designers. All are good and capable in their line or work.

I desperatly need help and honest guidence or else in next few months I have to shut down my business.

Please help me.