How to Talk about Ajax to your Boss

by Paul Browne

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It's probably too simple for you (after all, you're reading an O'Reilly Technical blog!), but it could be good if you have to explain Ajax to your Boss (and yes, I'm pandering to the stereotype that the person you work for doesn't know as much about technology as you do).

On the plus side, the article explains Ajax in nice simple terms. If you're using it to explain why you project should use Ajax techniques, you boss will be happy to see big names like Microsoft and Google already doing it.

On the downside, the article glosses over what Ajax really means for Microsoft - by enabling rich applications to be delivered via a Web browser, it undermines the powerbase that control over the desktop has given them. Ironic for a technology first introduced and exploited by Microsoft themselves.

What do you think - How are you going to convince your boss to use Ajax?