How TurboGears will win the web

by Jeremy Jones

Kevin Dangoor, the creator of TurboGears, announced this morning the release of a best-of-breed plugin to the TurboGears framework. He estimates that this plugin will satisfy 80% of enterprise application needs. Honestly, I think his estimates are a bit high. I would put an estimate at somewhere more like 70%. The plugin is called TurboBOB, and in true TurboGears fashion, a screencast is available. BOB stands for "best of breed", which is definitely inline with the TurboGears philosophy.

I was quite impressed by the functionality Kevin demoed in the screencast. The application looks about 90% complete, so this isn't vaporware. And given the functionality presented, this isn't some dog and pony show, either. This is a ready-to-use web 2.0 plugin with an unbelievable feature set. It also has an impressive emphasis on clustering. Amazing work. Ruby on Rails has nothing on TurboBOB.


2006-04-01 15:26:28
> Ruby on Rails has nothing on TurboBOB.

I agree, however SQL on Rail might proove to be a seriour competitor to TurboBOB. See for yourself at

2006-04-04 07:43:33
the Java answer to rails is grails. it uses the groovy dynamic language which runs on the Java virtual machine rather than Java language. you get all the "dont reinvent the wheel" features of the Rails "program by example", all the flexiblity of a true dynamic language, all the maturity of the java platform. you can script your existing java code, plugin java services with Spring and use hibernate objects or delegate to remove EJBs very easily. run it on a standard jetty of tomcat servlet containers to get value added such as tomcat session clustering. groovy baby!
2006-04-04 11:28:36
2006-04-06 07:16:15
I wasted 3 minutes of my life for *THIS*?

Seriously ... a guy adds lightbox to TG and it's notable?

Seriously ... how do you use *THIS* as your case that 'Rails has nothing on TurboBOB'?

2006-04-06 07:17:16
And ... I just noticed the post date. Hoping this was an April Fools ...

Bah ... feel like a fool now.

Jeremy Jones
2006-04-06 07:25:59
Chris - I was about to reply before I saw your second post. Don't feel bad. I typically just ignore all of the April fools stuff, but this one was too good to pass over.
2006-06-12 00:05:04
Hi! Is there something like this in Django? We shouldn't allow the TurboGears absolute leadership being the Django fanats :).