How We Publish and Why: An Ajax Example

by chromatic

At O'Reilly, one of our goals is to identify important and interesting new technologies and uses of technology. I like to think we've succeeded in some ways (Ruby on Rails, Web 2.0, syndication and feeds). Always looking in new areas while trying to give existing areas the attention they deserve can be difficult, though.


Tim Cook
2006-04-18 19:34:29
If you were using a comprehensive content management system like Plone it would be much easier to manage all items by keyword relationships.


Dominic Mitchell
2006-04-19 13:08:24
Just a thought, but what about reusing information on each article to build up a categorization. You can then use a unified form of that across all the sites. So all things that end up being tagged as "ajax" would be lumped together. Of course, it does involve coding...
2006-04-19 13:15:55
Dom, I think that is the actual plan. I wrote some code last year that would extract key words and phrases and correlate articles, but we're already collecting tags, so that has a simplicity benefit.
Joe Klemmer
2006-04-19 17:36:56
No plone. No phpnuke & offspring. Yes, it would be good to have a CMS but the "usual suspects" aren't really well made choices. There are one or two open/free CMSs on freshmeat that work quite well (wish I could remember their names but I don't and am to lazy to go digging for them) but as anti-zealot... Uhm, I mean "counter community," as it sounds, a commercial option shouldn't be overlooked. I'm as much for FLOSS as the next guy but the bottom line is use the best tool for the job. Period.