How's Our Driving?

by Gregory Brown

We've put some effort into increasing the signal on this blog over the last week or so.

I personally am super happy with the new content up here. But it'd be interesting to see what folks think about our progress as a whole.

So like a truck driver with a "How's My Driving" sign on his big rig, I've created a Jyte claim.

It's simply, "The O'Reilly Ruby Blog has improved since 2007.03.21"

Anyone with an OpenID can come support or bury this claim, and let us know if we're truckin' fine or veering off the mountain.

I'll try to stop with the meta-posting... expect a Digging Deep article soon!


2007-03-29 12:02:35
This blog has definitely turned around fast. I've placed it back in my bookmarks and will check it regularly as long as the signal stays strong.
2007-03-29 12:03:58
Sweet... thanks James!
Ryan Leavengood
2007-03-29 12:46:33
I'm posting here again, so of course it is automatically better :)

Somehow the smiley at the end makes the above sound slightly less arrogant. Seriously though I hope my contributions can help enlighten and entertain the readers here.

Daniel Lucraft
2007-03-30 00:50:04
Yes, definitely. ORR has gone from something I just have in my feedreader for completeness, to something I actively click on when I see new posts, in a very short time.

Talking about how to improve was a good idea, because it made me pay a little more attention when I saw good posts. So don't worry about the meta!