Hubble Rescue Battlebots

by Gordon Mohr

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Reporting on a "grassroots campaign to save the Hubble telescope," the New Scientist runs through
multiple proposals to save Hubble
needing little or no Shuttle involvement.

Included is the idea, previously suggested here, that the same sort of custom "unmanned robotic vehicle" that was going to ditch Hubble in a controlled reentry could instead be enhanced to fix Hubble.

Other ideas include enlisting Russian help or using a space tug or rocket to move Hubble to a more easily Shuttle-serviceable orbit, closer to the space station.

My money is still on a robot -- ideally, the winner of a groundside simulated-repair competitive event, much like Battlebots or the DARPA Grand Challenge.

Except instead of a $1 million prize, the winner gets their entry launched into orbit to rendezvous with Hubble -- and fix it for real.

Where's Andy Griffith and Salvage One when you need them?