Humor: Developers vs Drug Dealers

by Steve Mallett

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I'm sure this isn't new, but it's new to me...
------------------------- ---------------------------
Drug Dealers Software Developers
------------------------- ---------------------------
Refer to their clients Refer to their clients
as "users". as "users".

"The first one's free!" "Download a free trial

Have important Asian Have important Asian
connections. connections.

Strange jargon: Strange jargon:
"Stick" "SCSI"
"Rock" "RTFM"
"Wrap" "Packet"
"E" "C"
"Stash" "Cache"
"Drive-by" "CTRL ALT DEL"
"Hit (LSD)" "Hit (WWW)"
"Source" "Source-code"
"The Pigs" "Microsoft"

Realise that there's tons Realise that there's tons
of cash in the 14- to of cash in the 14- to
25-year-old market. 25-year-old market.

Clients really like your Clients really like your
stuff when it works. stuff when it works.
When it doesn't work When it doesn't work
they want to kill you. they want to kill you.

... and the best...
Do your job well and Damn! DAMN!!!
you can sleep with
sexy movie stars who
depend on you.


Can you think of any more humorous comparisons?


2004-03-01 10:32:24
Thanks for this! It gave me quite a good laugh... :-)