Hunt-by-Web: imaginative if farcical use of technology

by Uche Ogbuji

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Note: yes, I did file this one under "Web services". Seems appropriate on too many levels.

In news of the Wild Wild Web, Mr. John Lockwood of Texas (where the heck else?) is planning to set up a hunt-by-Web site where people can remotely control a camera attached to a 22 rifle, and hope to bag big game with a few well placed TCP packets. I wonder how thorough the due diligence has been for this venture.

QoS: Hey, we've played FPSes on-line, and we know how annoying it is when Arm@gedn shows up with single digit ping and proceeds to annihilate the rest of the punters on the server. What happens when dude from, say, Crawford Texas logs on and has some fun snagging the choice specimens right out of the sights of his colleagues way out in San Diego 15 route hops away? BTW, will you be able to circle strafe antelope in the lockwood arcade? I don't see how you have a chance any other way.

Market differentiation: Now that the Brady bill has lapsed without any move to replace it, will the Lockwood arcade soon have a Tek-9 fully automatic upgrade option? What about upgrading the Logitech familycam to a Predator[TM]-style laser sight with neurological implant control?

Security: Most of all, I want to know whether there is a failsafe in case Lockwood forgets to disconnect the router before wandering out to the range to restock? You never know whether there's some humorless West Virginian logged on who happens to be disgruntled with his lousy lag.

What activity have you always dreamed of engaging over the Wild Wild Web? And no, don't go there; the blue stuff has already been done to death.