Hyper-V: Integrated and Ready to Roll.. Over Windows

by Dustin Puryear

So, Hyper-V is ready to be released with Windows 2008. More or less. Hyper-V is the “next generation” of virtualization for Microsoft and the Windows platform (at least as far as Microsoft sees it), and includes some enhancements of Virtual Server.

Technically, it doesn’t appear that Hyper-V is going to really frighten the current VM players like VMware and others, but there is an interesting trend that Hyper-V’s inclusion in Windows 2008 highlights: virtualization out-of-the-box.

As of Windows 2008, virtualization will be a “click and run” operation. Linux distributions are doing this as well. For example, Red Hat comes pre-packaged with Xen now and some management tools for Xen VMs.

Jeez, with the move toward application virtualization, server virtualization, and whatever virtualization, the whole argument of Windows vs. Linux or Windows vs. Anything just seems to be slowly fading away. At what point does Windows or Linux as the OS stop being a factor?


2008-05-01 03:00:42
Well...is MS going to release Hyper-V packed with Windows 2008 like internet explorer or movie maker(as a default softwares with MS).?