I bought my cell phone

by brian d foy

I made my decision---I got the Nokia 3650.

I could have tossed a coin to pick between the two finalists, and the Nokia won because it has a goofy button design, and the T-Mobile description of it specifically listed its BlueTooth feature (which it omitted for the T610, although it has it). It was a close match for me, so it came down to these little things.

I did not have to make this decision alone though. Even though I looked at reviews for both phones, read message threads, customer complaints, and other internalia, I found the reader feedback from the O'Reilly Network more valuable. Thank you to everyone who had something to say, even if I did not choose your favorite phone.

Now I have to figure out which BlueTooth accessories to buy. The Jabra headset looks very Trekkie and cool, and I have a USB BlueTooth adapter for my G4 PowerBook on the way (and, the Apple Store says the 12" and 17" PowerBooks have it built in. Why not the middle model?)

After I bought the phone, I also found some interesting news that I could have used earlier:


2004-02-15 16:22:07
All the models have it
If you have the newer Al Powerbooks, all of them have Bluetooth built in.
On 15" PB page, they have a whole section on Bluetooth titled "The Bluetooth connection".

2004-02-17 09:08:39
15" bluetooth
i have the 15" Al, and the bluetooth range is dissapointing. if you use anything that requires range (i like using romeo and veta to control itunes), you might want an adapter anyway.

congrats on your new phone, and welcome to the 3650 fold!

2004-02-26 19:20:26
All the models have it
To be maybe a bit more clear: Apple had the 15" TiBook, but then released AlBooks in 17" and 12", but not 15". The built-in Bluetooth was only for the new models. When the 15" was updated to the new AlBook design, it got internal Bluetooth, too.