I buy a Mac, sort of

by Jonathan Gennick

If you happened to read my
most recent post
, you might wonder what the outcome was. Wonder no more,
for today I finally put my money where my mouth is and bought a Mac. No, I didn't
buy one of the new, Mac Minis (those are nice too though). Instead, I bought an iBook, and for my daughter.
She's the creative type, loves playing MP3s, likes to take snapshots, and I
think she'll really enjoy all that the iBook has to offer. She's away at school.
When I phoned her today to let her know I'd ordered her an iBook, well, let
me just say they are probably still trying to pull her down off the ceiling.
She's thrilled.

My daughter's Thinkpad gets redeployed to the dining room to replace that 5+
year-old PC that stopped working the other day. And that works out really well,
actually, because my wife has long wanted to buy one of these,
or perhaps one of these,
and, either way, she needs Windows. My nine-year-old is happy he'll be able
to play his Internet games from wherever he happens to be in the house. I'm
happy that I don't have to rebuild that aging and slow PC another time. And
an additional bonus is that we can get that big, hulking PC desk and hutch out
of the dining room, because the Thinkpad requires hardly any space at all.

And what of my office PCs? I'm going to consolidate my two desktops, one of
which is already running SuSE Linux 8.0, and the other Windows XP. When I'm done, I'll be running just one box under SuSE
Linux Professional 9.2
. My own Thinkpad I'm not so sure
about. Probably I'll leave it on Windows for a bit.

It is ironic that I buy a Mac, and yet I don't get one. I hope my daughter
appreciates it.


2005-01-22 07:12:54
getting an iBook for your daughter
I know of two households where the parents bought an iBook for the kid(s). Within a short period of time the kids were complaining about the 'rents always using their computer.

One household now owns a PowerBook and an iBook while the other how owns two iBooks and a G5 iMac.

2005-01-23 20:08:52
your 1st Mac
Well, welcome to the party, sort of.

Your daughter is right to be excited. You got her a wonderful gift.

And someday--hopefully soon--maybe you'll get yourself one, too.