by M. David Peterson

Admit it, so do you!

NOTE: Please tell me I'm not the only one on the planet who thinks that,

a) Jordon is funny.
b) Jordon is HILARIOUS!
c) Jordon is *HOT*, *HOT*, *HOT* (probably married), but she's still *HOT*!

EXTENDED NOTE: Just in case, the above is not a multiple choice question. ;)

Okay, back to the grind stone... Just needed to get that out of my system.

I feel better now, don't you? :D

EXTENSION-TO-EXTENDED NOTE: Just in case you're not already subscribed, as per her note in the above linked bio,

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I promise... regardless of whether you share my crush, her daily tech briefs are something you will look forward to none-the-less.


2006-08-25 13:03:56
she's ok, but colleen wheeler is da bomb.
M. David Peterson
2006-08-25 16:03:13

I don't know Colleen, or Jordon for that matter, but am now realizing,

"Uh oh... have I just started a who's hotter war???!!!"

Yikes! Growing up with five sisters, the above line sends shivers of pure fear down my spine...


God help me! (I think He's the only one who can at this stage (though I think I am well past the point of being on my own with this one ;)))

Jordon Fan
2006-09-06 12:33:43
Jordon suddenly exited The Code Project today. She didn't explain why. Her face was immediately removed from the header...and email now comes from "Insider" instead of from "Jordon."

Anybody know the inside skinny on what happened? I smell a scandal :)

Bubba Ganoosh
2006-09-09 12:08:06
Boy, you guys only think with that little appendange betwixt your legs? There is NO scandal going on, she probably just went onto some other project or employer. Pay attention to the newsletter & see if the style changes. I'll bet it'll be as entertaining & witty as when Jordan's face was still turning you guys to mush.
I will NOT be reading your replies, so no need to be inflammatory in response. I just HAD to "say" something about all the stupid, shallow Joran comments. Grow up!!!
M. David Peterson
2006-09-10 21:48:36

a) Are you suggesting that to "grow up" is to not find things attractive about other people, and furthermore compliment them in regards to these things?
b) Are you suggesting that to "grow up" is not wonder and therefore question via "say"ing them outloud why things happen the way they do?
c) Are you suggesting that to "grow up" is to shut our mouths and keep quiet unless what we have to say can be deemed by each person who might read this as a "grown up" thing to say?
d) All of the above?

My guess is that one or more of the above is what you are suggesting, and therefore I simply have one thing to say in response (though you won't be reading it, others will, and that's okay),

If growing up means any, some, or all of these, then what you are actually suggesting is that to "grow up" is to recondition ourselves to be something other than human.

Sorry that you might feel that this is prim, proper, and therefore the grown up thing to do, but I guess "growing up" is not something I personally plan to be doing anytime soon ever!

On a personal note: It seems to me that maybe what actually needs to happen is that you need to "grow down", as you obviously have a sense that you are something better than the rest of us "children" who asks questions about things we don't understand, say nice things about people we admire or find attractive in various forms, and otherwise keep our mouths shut until such time as we are told that we can open them.

Hey "Bubba"... Bite me.

Oh, and just a thought, but have you ever considered trying something new in life? You know, like *gasp*, smiling?

You should try it. It's kinda nice. It may be "childish" in your eyes, but still nice.

Think about it, k.