I just added 110MBs of storage to my .Mac account

by Derrick Story

Every now and then I peruse the .Mac home page to see what's going on. I found myself there yesterday to download the very cool Freefall - Satellite Simulator & Screen Saver. Members can get the screen saver for free.

I noticed another story on the home page reminding us that we can reallocate our 250MBs of disc space included with our .Mac account. The default setting is 125MBs for mail and 125MBs for back up, web pages, and storage. Since I use other accounts for my email, I was wasting valuable disc space by forgetting to make the adjustment.

I use my .Mac site for work and play, and more MBs are always welcome. So I went to my Accounts Settings page and changed my disc space allocation from 125 email/125 web, to 15 email/235 web. I now have an additional 110MBs to play with on my web site and for back up.

If this is a task you haven't remembered to take care of since renewal, you might want to log on to your account and reallocate. More disc space is always a good thing.


2005-02-02 07:36:41
Thanks for the tip!
Hi Derrick,

Thanks for the tip. I didn't realize that our storage allocation could be adjusted like that.


2005-02-02 16:29:07
Another side note...

It probably also bears mentioning that Apple updated the online video tutorials (Learning Center) for iLife to reflect iLife '05. There is no updated tutorial for iWork however.

Take care,


2006-04-26 18:28:23
its bad