I love Bluetooth iSync

by brian d foy

A couple of days ago, I got back from 15 months of active duty with the Army. My home office is a mess. I dumped out all of my bags and my foot locker onto the floor, and I am trying to separate the mess into several piles. Mountains of mail and magazines take up all of the space on my table, and my desk barely has room for my laptop.

Somewhere in all of that mess, I set down my cell phone yesterday, but I have not really wanted to use it, so I have not bothered to look for it. I could probably call it and find it quickly by looking for the vibrating thing (or better yet, let my cats find the vibrating thing), but that means I would have to find my cordless phone too.

Since I have been back, I have had to update a big portion of my address book and I can now actually use iCal. The Nokia 3650 can sync all of these things, and I want the updated versions to show up there. That is, if I can find my phone.

I noticed, though, that I have Salling Clicker running, and it tells me that my phone is in range, so it must be on this side of the apartment. And, if it is in range, I can sync it.

iSync has no problem, and it connects to the phone, updates the address book, calendar, and To Do items. Wireless networking means not only do I not need to find the missing cable, but I do not even need to know where the phone is.

Wouldn't it be nice if my Mac could point at my phone, or the access point?


2004-04-17 11:08:49
Wish for.. Yahoo -- iCal syncing
Welcome back home.

I am not surprised you switched to Salling (from Veta --see link below). It is very good software. I use it at work to control iTunes. When my Powerbook screensaver activates, it requires a login to bring back the screen. With my Nokia 3650 running Salling Clicker, I just unpause iTunes and leave the PowerBook locked (while working on my awful Wintel box they pay me to use..). Its fantastic -- album art and all -- right on the phone display.


Concerning calendars.. My wife and I share a Yahoo account calendar. Its great because we can keep each other informed as to what is going on. I would love to find a tool to let me use iCal, then sync it Yahoo somehow.

2004-04-17 11:14:03
Wish for.. Yahoo -- iCal syncing
I haven't really switched from Veta to Salling, because I use them both. Salling is very nice, and when I get a chance I'll post about it, but Veta, though rough, works for me too.
2004-04-17 16:03:30
Welcome Home
While I am an avid Mac user and supporter and while I opposed the invasion of Iraq, as a Vietnam veteran (another unnecessary - avoidable war) I want to take the time to thank you for your COURAGE, EFFORT & SCARIFICE.. WELCOME HOME & THANKS
2004-04-17 16:06:16
Welcome Home
I certainly didn't vote for the war, but you know how that goes.

Thank you.