IBM, Microsoft clash over .NET and Java

by Steve Anglin

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According to ZDNet's Matt Loney, "The rift between IBM and Microsoft over Web services widened further over the weekend when Web services evangelists from each company clashed over the relative merits of .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) for building applications that can talk to each other over the Internet." So much for Web services partnerhships. These two have been amiable partners on the W3C as well as a new Web services consortium. I guess we'll see what impact this has, or where this could go.

What are your thoughts on this seemingly never-ending debate?


2002-03-05 23:41:57
Same old, Same old
Shame on you for promoting a stupid article, that tries to create a "battle of the titans" while contributing exactly zero to the debate. The back and forth between the two company spokespeople had exactly zero to do with web services. It was about the relative merits of C# and Java as programming environments, not about the worth of web services.

And why is this such a common line for reporters to take when, as you well know, web services can be built in almost any language. Much of the best work has been done in things like perl and python.

The media messages are extremely confused about a number of current buzzwords. People say .NET when they mean C#. They say web services when they mean Java. They say SOAP when they mean Passport.

So there's a huge problem of education to break through all this hype and FUD and actually explain what is happening. Framing this confusion in some notional battle between any pair taken from MS, SUN, IBM, Oracle, SAP, GNU or whatever doesn't help a jot.