iCal and Travel

by Niel M. Bornstein

When I make my travel plans I carefully transfer the flight information into my local calendar. That way I always have access to the information, and times that I'm on a plane and unavailable are clearly delineated.

But it's a silly manual process in our ever-more-automated world.

Major airlines and hotel chains should provide access to their passengers' and guests' reservations through standards like iCal.

Nearly everyone has an iCal-aware application on their computer, and many air and hotel companies already provide this access through a web page. It's not too much of a stretch to add an iCal version of the same information.

Then I could subscribe to my personal Delta Airlines and Marriott hotels travel schedules through Evolution, and sync it to my handheld (if I ever get one).

I suppose with some work I could scrape my "itineraries" page, but I don't want to. I want access to the data behind the page in a standard format.

Is anyone from Delta listening?

How do you keep track of your reservations?


2005-05-24 07:08:08
Have you checked this site?

There's a perl script and other information for converting itineraries to iCalendar format (for example).