iCal Attaches to Computer, Not .Mac

by Scot Hacker

Fairly impressed with the first release of iCal, but disappointed that you can't publish to a single calendar from more than one location. I would have expected a calendar to be attached to a single .Mac account - instead it's attached to the computer you're on. This means you have to, say, publish your work calendar from work and subscribe to it from home, and vice versa. Since you can't edit a subscribed calendar, this means you have to wait until you get home before you can modify your personal calendar. That's why I'm paying $100 / year for .Mac services?

Meanwhile, Amy and I are both publishing our own calendars and subscribing to each others', even though we'd rather just have a shared calendar, and I've got an office full of disappointed attorneys who had hoped to move off of phpWebCal and onto iCal when it became available. At this point, it would actually be a step backwards in functionality for them.

Hopefully Apple will take the needs of people with multiple computers, and the needs of small groups, into account soon. Other than that, I'm impressed so far.


2002-09-11 09:08:54
The feature you are looking for will be handled by iSync (via .Mac). Look for the beta at the end of the month.
2002-09-11 19:05:56
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