ICANN, zero.

by Andy Oram

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Justice could not be evaded; lame excuses, obfuscation, and even
oodles and oodles of legal maneuvering were not (at least in this case) enough. Karl Auerbach gets to do what every board member has
a right to do, and check the operation of the organization under his

Auerbach was elected to the board of ICANN by popular North American vote well over a year ago. He has been trying to see essential documents about ICANN's financial and organizational status since that time, but officers kept putting barriers in his way and stretching out the responses to his request in the hope that he (along with all publicly elected members of the board) would eventually go away. Now we'll get to see who will outlast the other.

Did the officers of ICANN have something really shameful to hide, or
were they just blocking Auerbach out of spite for his championing the
public interest? Soon we should find out. Auerbach is both a lawyer
and an engineer, and if anybody can figure out what ICANN is doing,
it's he.