Iceland, Here I Come

by Derrick Story

Lightroom Adventure

Thursday night I get on a plane for Reykjavik as part of the Adobe Lightroom Adventure and will be depending on my Canon 5D, MacBook Pro, and Adobe Lightroom to handle all of my photography needs. The days are 22 hours long, and I plan on working most of that time. (Although, I hear that the Runtur - pub crawl - in Reykjavik is must-do. And since I'm a people shooter, I think I can justify immersing myself in the experience.)

When I return, I'll have a very good idea of how well this version of Lightroom performs in the field under real shooting conditions. We'll be posting our shots, comments, and hopefully some video on the official Lightroom Adventure site. I'll also post more personal anecdotes, along with audio, on The Digital Story.

We return from the Adventure the week WWDC begins. I'm speaking at the San Francisco Apple Store on Wednesday, August 9 at 5pm. If you want to see some of what I shot, you might want to drop by.

Oh, and one other thing, if you're curious about some of the San Francisco participants on the Adventure, I published a few shots from our recent get-together at Zuni Cafe, including a podcast about the Iceland Adventure. The podcast also features interviews with other participants (about the 18 minute mark). You can see and listen here.


2006-07-26 09:40:16
Hi, be sure to take a dip in 'The Blue Lagoon', it's awesome!