iChat with my phone

by brian d foy

I can use iChat to send SMS messages to my phone, and my phone can send an SMS message back to my iChat.

First, under File>New Chat With Person, I added my phone number with a leading +, 1, the area code, and the seven digit number (so, it looks like +1xxxxxxxxxx). I can't immediately chat with my phone because of my privacy settings, but I can add my phone as a buddy. Once I do that, I type in a message and it shows up on my almost immediately as a text message on my phone.


If I reply to the message from my phone, the message shows up in the iChat window just like any other chat session.


This is more than just the standard geekery though: this means I can easily send a text message to my wife without dealing with my phone. There were probably other ways to do that easily (such as T-Mobile's web interface and also email), but I like how iChat adds my buddy name in front of the message rather than some odd gateway name, and that I get the reply back in iChat. Very handy.


2005-04-11 03:16:11
This seems really neat, but...
I tried to add my phone as a buddy and it asked to add the number [e.g., +,1,then the 10 digit one] and then came back and said it could not because it is not in the right format. Maybe I'm missing something but it's not working....
2005-04-11 03:20:29
This seems really neat, but...
No commas, just the + and the digits. :)
2005-04-11 05:43:30
US only?
is this a US only feature, or do you guys think there're some ways to get it works here in Europe too?
2005-04-11 17:30:45
iChat with Your TV
Andy Ihnatko set up a system where he can iChat with his Tivo. It allows him to watch tv over the internet with content recorded by his Tivo.


I've thought about creating an AppleScript - Perl combo hack in order to send myself files or access data with iChat. I guess one could send SMS messages via cell phone to an iChat in order to get data off of a remote computer.

2005-04-11 21:22:58
This didn't work for me
I tried to send it to my phone and a friend's phone and it didn't work for either. I got no error in iChat, it just never showed up on the phones. I'm using Verizon if that makes any difference.
2005-04-12 09:40:44
This didn't work for me
I'm on Verizon, and it has worked for me.

Make sure you are using the right format: +1AAAPPPNNNN
where AAA is the area code (3 digits)
PPPPPPP is the 7-digit number
No commas, spaces, etc.

The first time I tried it, I did something wrong, but I can't remember what (sorry!). When I double-checked everything, it started working.

2005-04-15 13:33:55
Old news

This is old news and unfortunately it still seems to be working only with US numbers.

More info here