by Imran Ali

FIC Neo1973Almost as soon as last week's Stevenote was over, the iPhone backlash began - and with full justification. Its becoming ever more apparent that, what was to be the Apple of our 'i', is as locked down and closed as any other part of the mobile industry.

(Marc Hedlund, over at O'Reilly Radar, has contextualised many of the negative vibes and there are a couple good analyses by the NYT and Boing Boing.)

Today I was mulling over writing an article comparing the FIC Neo1973 with the iPhone, but someone's beaten me to it...they square up pretty good, so here's a challenge for the ETel community:

- Can we clone an open iPhone using something like the Neo1973?
- Can we create a handful of applications and a developer community to compete with iPhone?
- Can we beat Apple and Cingular to market in six months?
- Can such a challenge really demonstrate the strengths of open source telephony?
- Can open source telephony piggyback off the iPhone buzz?

Behold the T-Prize! A race between Apple-Cingular and OpenMoko-ETel, counting down to the biggest mobile event of 2007!

Anyone up for it?


Moshe Yudkowsky
2007-01-17 03:23:07
This is is a truly wonderful idea. Now, let's see, what can I contribute...?
2007-01-17 13:54:05
Ace! So, I know some of the OpenMoko guys and some may be at ETel next month...let's pingpong some email and work this baby out!
Matthew Craig
2007-01-24 21:43:04
That's a pretty funny comparison (http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/OpenMoko/iPhone) - I see a lot of "maybe" results for the 1973. Substitute "No" for "Maybe" and you get a much more honest comparison.
Scott A
2007-01-31 17:15:49
There could be quite a few devices with significant similarities to the iPhone out by the time it launches.

The Motorola Rokr E6 is the one I'm very curious about at the moment. It has lower resolution, but almost as large a screen as the FIC device. It has one primary advantage over the FIC, it exists already. Unfortunately, it is only being marketed in Asia so far, and is missing the 850 band, which would make it more usable here.

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