iDisk Utility for Windows XP

by Chuck Toporek

In looking at the site this morning, I noticed that Apple has released a version of the iDisk Utility for Windows XP users.

If you're not familiar with the iDisk Utility, it's a small app that lets you:

  • Connect to your iDisk

  • Connect ot another .Mac member's iDisk

  • Mount iDisk Public folders

  • Control access privileges and/or set a password for access to your iDisk's Public folder

  • View how much space you've used or have available on your iDisk

However, the Windows XP version doesn't seem to allow you to control the access privileges for your Public folder.

The iDisk mounts as a Network Drive. To see how much space you have available on your iDisk, select it from the My Computer view, and look to the left in the Details section. You'll see something like:

chuckdude (E:)

Network Drive

File System: FAT

Free Space: xx.xx MB

Total Size: xxx.xx MB

To unmount the iDisk or Public folder, right-click on its name and select Disconnect from the menu.

Not only is Apple targeting Windows users to "Switch" to the Mac, they're also starting to make it easier for people who use a Mac at home to use their .Mac services from their Windows XP machine while they're at work.

Are you a "Windows by Day, Mac by Night" user? Will you use the Windows XP iDisk Utility? Share your thoughts...


2003-02-26 08:02:55
Using Win2K. bummer....
I'd use the new utility, but my company uses Windows 2000 not Windows XP (a common scenario). I'm bummed that Apple made the utility XP-only, but I suppose I'll live because opening my iDisk using existing Windows features is rarely a problem and I have little call for opening iDisks belonging to others. Still, I'd be delighted if Apple released something for Windows 2000, which is hardly ready to be put out to pasture.
2003-02-26 08:26:55
Re: Using Win2K. bummer....
Apple has details for mounting iDisks and Public folders on older versions of Windows on their web site. Here's the link.
2003-02-26 11:37:11
iDisk Tools
My employer has NT on all desktops, but not XP. Not yet. They will need to upgrade a lot of systems before they can meet the resource requirements for XP. Plus, they get twitchy if they see you running non-corporate mail (like .Mac webmail) and would likely get seriously upset if I imported an entire disk. Through the firewall. Bad. Naughty. Where are you working NEXT week?

Other than that it doesn't apply to me, I think it's a good step. XP will be around for a while, the technology doesn't obviously threaten MS in any way, it strengthens the .Mac franchise (my $49 at work) and shuts down one more reason why "I can't switch".

2003-02-26 14:06:48
iDisk on XP is so much faster than on Macintosh
I installed iDisk utility on my Windows XP box as soon as I heard of it. It works very well and the disk contents can be browsed easily.

Which makes me wonder yet again why iDisk is so appallingly slow on my Macintosh. Just selecting the open iDisk window on my Mac sets the cursor spinning for 25 seconds (16 items in the window). Opening a small folder takes another ten seconds. Selecting a folder name so that I can rename it takes 20 seconds. iDisk has always been this way for me. With the XP version I can see it doesn't have to be.
I am in New Zealand so communication delay to the US is a factor. I'm running Mac OS X 10.2.4 on a B&W G3 350. Both Mac and PC are on the same LAN with a broadband connection.

2003-04-04 13:22:08
iDisk Utility for Windows XP

I cannot get this utility to work. Whenever I try i get a message about 'Idisk Mounter failed to mount your disk". This applies to both trying to connect to my idisk or to my Public folder.

But i can mount my iDisk via My Network Places?

any have an idea how to fix this problem...

mny thx

2003-04-08 04:21:45
iDisk for XP

After downloading the iDisk utility for Windows XP, I've kept trying to connect unsuccessfully. The message being:
iDik Utility for Windows cannot connect to the required iDisk server, and will quit now. Please try it again later
Where can I find support for this.

2003-04-22 11:58:15
iDisk for XP
I am a Mac user and don't have a problem with iDisk.

However, my friend who is on XP can't get to my Public Folder - he get's the same message "...can't connect, etc...".

Has anyone discovered the solution yet?

2003-04-25 19:40:02
Using Win2K. bummer....
Unfortunately, Apple will most definitely not be releasing versions of this app for versions of Windows prior to XP... The reason for this being, to the best of my knowledge, that it is impossible to programmatically mount a WebDAV drive (which is all that iDisks really are), except in XP (you can just 'net use' from the command line).
2003-06-20 07:29:21
idisk utility and xp
i installed the idisk utility on my windows xp machine, however, when i start the idisk utility, i get a message saying that the utility must make changes to your host's files. when i click on ok, i get a message saying the utility could not make changes to your hosts files? what does this mean and how do i fix it?
2003-07-19 04:05:08
idisk utility and xp

Probable causes>

a) Your host file is set read-only
Fix: You can set it back in the file properties

b) You don't have sufficient rights as a user to access the host file
Fix: 1. Speak to your administrator for giving you access to that directory 2. Install the utility while logged in as an administrator or user with admin rights.

c) The system is not running with sufficient rights to access the hosts file
Fix: 1. Talk to your administrator
2. Go to the folder that holds the hosts file and give the SYSTEM all rights to the folder



2003-07-19 08:59:32
iDisk Utility for Windows XP

Try this>

1. Go to your explorer file menu and choose "Open"
2. Type in ""
3. Select "Open As Web Folder"



2003-08-21 17:18:19
iDisk Utility for Windows XP
I have not been able to get any Idisk activity from any PC on any OS at anytime. And there is no support out there anywhere. Which means once again I am paying for something that I can not use from apple. Apple does a hell of a job suckering me in.
2004-03-09 23:50:15
idisk utility for xp not working
I'm trying to access a friends idisk from an XP machine. Do I need a .Mac account to do that?

I've installed the utility successfully, and despite having the correct user id and password, it will not let me connect.

Am I missing something? thanks

2004-04-08 01:58:41
idisk utility and xp
Though I received the same message regarding the host file, it still updated it -- adding the entry: ...

I consistently receive the "failed to mount your idisk" error when I try to connect.

Does anyone have more insight here?


2004-12-17 23:41:31
write failure to disk
My buddy who bought a Mac set me up with Idisk to share files, I use XP Pro with NTFS file system. Well, when I upload stuff to him I mostly get a write failure to disk message. What's up with that and how do I correct this problem.

C Farris

2005-01-22 10:30:42
Idisk Uploading Problem
I just set up idisk opn an xp pc. I am working with a friend who has an idsik/mac account. When I try to upload a file to the disk, I get an error message saying the url name is too long.

(Sorry I am not at my own computer right now and Ican't repeat the error and don't remember the exact wording of the error message.)


2005-02-15 08:25:32
please help with iDisk
i've installed iDisk on my laptop and it's flawless. however, i can't get it to work on my desktop XP PC.

upon starting iDisk program I get the following ad host error:
"iDisk utility requires additional entries into your hosts file"

then i get a host file error:
"unable to acces your hosts file"

i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still get the same probs.

thanks in advance for your help!

- cs

2005-03-31 21:12:35
please help with iDisk
i have the exact same problem using idisk and XP...please post answer if you figure it out
2005-04-13 14:26:30
please help with iDisk
Try WebDrive ( instead. It will connect to your iDisk space.
2005-05-01 17:08:58
please help with iDisk
I copied/pasted this from the .mac msg board;hope it helps


The hosts file is probably set to "read-only" and needs to be changed.

To do so, open up the following directory:
If you do not have C:\WINDOWS, change that to C:\WINNT

Right-click on hosts and select Properties.
Uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Read-only" and hit Apply.

Now, try the iDisk utility on your PC.

If you need to manually add the host info, just stick this on one line at the bottom of the file:

2005-05-01 17:19:35
please help with iDisk
Heres the url to the .mac msg board..hughy

2005-10-14 10:56:46
idisk utility and xp
It's pretty late since the last post, but I was having the same problems and realized that it was because I was entering the username with the afterwards. Once I removed it, it worked perfectly. I think they really need to include a more accurate error message.
2006-04-18 05:30:40
can not download idisk utility due to needed admin rights in XP while at work which I do not have... another MS issue.. any work arounds?
Pete F
2006-05-25 14:11:32
Regarding the locked Hosts file:
Spybot Search and Destroy gives you the option to lock the hosts file, in order to prevent spyware from redirecting your web browsing. I found that unlocking it before running the iDisk utility for the first time was sufficient; I changed it back to read-only after, but the iDisk Utility still works.

One question...I wonder why the iDisk Utility can't automatically unlock and relock the hosts file? If Spybot can do it, surely the iDisk utility could as well. Actually...why don't spyware programs do this as well? Sssssh...don't tell their authors!