[IE7:Blog] Attention WebDev Types : If You Explicitly Use MSXML5, *PLEASE READ THIS*

by M. David Peterson

IEBlog : MSXML5...Not in This IE

Some of you may have noticed the following goldbar on some websites:
Our friend Adam on the XML team recently posted on the XML Team's Blog about MSXML versioning. It's a great read and thoroughly explains the best practices for using MSXML. As we've posted previously, MSXML5 is not pre-approved as there are better options such as MSXML6 and IE's native XMLHTTP control which you can use on your webpage. Users will need to approve MSXML5 before it can be used on your webpage.

Please help us give users a great experience by moving to the supported versions of MSXML!

sharon cohen
Program Manager

Please feel free to complain, moan, call me or anybody else for that matter dirty evil names, and/or throw temper tantrums until your angry heart is satisfied, in the comment section below.

And as soon as you have got it all out of your system: Please do your customers a favor and follow Sharon's advice from the above linked post.

With that: Let the temper tantrums begin!

(Thanks for the reminder, Sharon!)