IE 7 Will Bring RSS to the Masses

by Preston Gralla

Mention RSS to most non-techie computer users, and expect to get a blank stare. But the RSS features built into IE 7 are good enough that it'll finally bring the technology to the everyday PC user.


Daniel Steinberg
2006-07-11 07:33:26
C'mon Preston. Post about something coming in Vista that isn't already available on the Mac. Whether or not you like Safari - it's RSS tools have been "simple, obvious, and make subscribing to feeds and reading them a breeze. They're also front and center, so they can't be missed."

I still prefer NetNewsWire - but Safari has it. IE 7 is NOT leading the way.

Preston Gralla
2006-07-11 07:52:16
The issue isn't about features -- it's about audience. RSS is very nice on the Mac, but the Mac is still a niche product, compared to Windows. The relatively small number of people who use Macs compared to the number who use PCs means that even if RSS is widely accepted among Mac users, it won't bring RSS to a mass audience. So because of that, IE 7 will lead the way to mass acceptance. Getting there first isn't the key; getting a lot of people to accept it is.

2006-07-11 08:40:57
more importantly RSS has nothing to do with the mac
Michael Strasser
2006-07-11 18:37:39
RSS sounds fine, but what about Atom? Or do you use 'RSS' in a generic sense that includes the (technically superior) Atom protocol.
Doug Ransom
2006-07-16 08:23:08
Exactly how is IE 7 leading the way? I don't understand.

Do you mean they are first browser with RSS and atom support? Or the first commercial browser with RSS support? Or the first commercial product from Microsoft?

When did Push come back with a vengeance? Now that IE7 is released (is it?).