If HyperCard Should Die, Why Do So Many People Care?

by Derrick Story

A couple weeks ago I received an e-mail from Steve Collins of the International HyperCard Users Group asking if I would help get the word out that HyperCard was in danger of dying unless it was ported to Mac OS X.

Since I have a soft spot for HyperCard in the same way I do for Lego and the original C-64 computer, I wrote up a piece and published it on our Mac DevCenter under the title of, The Death of HyperCard?.

I thought that a few Mac oldies such as myself might be interested in kicking around the topic, so I added our "Talk Back" function to the bottom of the article to allow the one or two interested souls to speak their peace. In honesty, I didn't really expect much noise.

I was certainly wrong.

Based on the e-mail, the page hits, and the Talk Back postings, lots of people have thoughts about the survival of HyperCard. It's been great discussion that I know has been monitored by those close to this issue.

If you have a feeling one way or another about HyperCard being ported to Mac OS X, you might want to read the short article and comment at the bottom. Who knows, it might have an impact.

In the meantime, I'll stay on top of the story and report any breaking news.