If iPhone is too closed, try Newton

by Nobi Hayashi


If you think iPhone is too closed for the developers, you could give a shot at Newton OS.

During the 3rd Worldwide Newton Conference held in Tokyo, Dr. Paul Guyot has announced "Open Einstein"; the open source version of his famous Newton emulator licensed under GPLv2.

"Open Einstein" project is available immediately at Google Code:

As a fruit of this announcement, Matthias Melcher has released a port to Windows + Cygwin + X11 environment.

Beside that, "Open Einstein" runs on Mac OS X (ppc and x86), Zaurus (with OpenZaurus), Nokia Internet Tablet 770 and 880.



2007-07-18 19:25:35
Very cool news!
2007-07-20 04:07:40
What we really need now is for someone to write an open-source clone of the Newton OS, either to run inside of the emulator, or as a means of creating a totally "new newton" from scratch.

Linux is an open-source UNIX clone, ReactOS is doing similar for Windows, Haiku-OS for BeOS... now can someone start one for Newton?

2007-09-22 07:55:06
I don't think you realize how difficult that would be1