If It Bleeds, It Leads (To Less Money For The Artists)

by M. David Peterson

[QUICK-UPDATE] : Russ (Miles), in whom is the co-idea-developer of this mentioned project, will be home around 5pm UK time at which point we plan to launch our posts regarding the announcement at the same time. Sorry for the hold up, but this is something we developed together in the early stages, and then began to invite a few of our hacking friends to join us, which things just blossomed from there... None-the-less, we both want to be a part of the official announcement, so @ around 5pm London/UK expect to see the mentioned announcement.

[Original Post]
These are the last seven news articles posted to the RIAA web site front page.

Recording Industry Association of America

New Legislation In The House: Satellite Radio Services Must Play By Same Rules As Other Digital Music Firms

RIAA Identifies 12 Piracy "Hot Spot" Cities

RIAA Expresses Appreciation For U.S. Government Efforts To Improve The Protection Of Music In Global Markets, Calls For Tough Action Against Russia

Music, Movie Industries Target Theft On Internal Campus Networks

New Bipartisan Senate Bill Levels Digital Music Playing Field, Assures Satellite Firms Play By Same Rules As Others

RIAA Releases 2005 Latin Music Shipment Numbers

Annual U.S.-China Trade Meeting Yields Promising Outcome

Five out of Seven of these articles are specific to RIAA's ongoing attempts to control the flow of music through the channels in which they own. But if bleeding means leading, then what we have on our hands goes beyond scrapes and bruises, and leads directly into SEVERE hemorrhaging thats well on its way to hypovolemic shock being listed as the "cause of death."

Okay, fair enough...


james governor
2006-06-15 05:43:48
one fact that doesn't gain nearly enough attention is that, while these firms talk about protecting the artists, they actually only protect the songwriter. thus the "other guys" in a band often end up with nothing.
M. David Peterson
2006-06-15 05:58:56
Hey James,

Wow! I can now state James Governor has read my blog! :D

Okay, shock value aside... One of the cool things about the project I am about to announce is that the folks involved have a broad base of experience in the various aspects of the music industry, including Dan Zambonini who is a musician himself in the UK who understands the ins and outs of all of this, and is REALLY excited about helping to open things up such that the artists can be artists, and have this mean more than what would normally be prefaced by "starving" :)

It seems you actually have some experience with this obviously. Would LOVE to get an email from you after reading the announcement here in a bit as to what this is all about, suggesting you would like to help guide the direction of this project.

This is ALL about the artists and fans... As such, it needs to be designed (most of the code is already written... will link to it in the post) by the artists and fans, not by some hacker who *THINKS* he knows whats best, to find out that instead that this is most definitely not the case...

Just waiting to hear back from Russ (co-idea-developer) as I am hoping for us to time two announcements posts from each of our perspectives and let this set the stage for the individualism approach to all of this...

More soon :D

M. David Peterson
2006-06-15 09:51:08
The mentioned announcement is now live :D