If You Don't Know What The Problems Are, Please Don't Try To Fix Them!

by M. David Peterson

Don't you just love Jeffrey Zeldman? I know I do for the simple fact that he has no problem saying it like it is and in many cases he's right on the money,

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : What crisis?

The glacial pace of the W3C has given browser makers time to understand and more correctly implement existing standards. It has also given designers and developers time to understand, fall in love with, and add new abilities to existing standards.

So the glacial pace can't be the crisis. Maybe the problem is lack of leadership. One worries about the declining relevance of The Web Standards Project. (Note the capital "T" in "The"--people who believe in standards should also believe in and follow style guides.) One has worried about the declining relevance of The Web Standards Project since 2002.

Nicely stated! Of course, just a paragraph or two above Jeffrey asks the question,


2007-08-19 14:04:26
PDF is based on PostScript. It is simply a declarative version PostScript with some binary bits thrown in. My understanding is PostScript was developed as a standard way to send content for printers to understand, that was based on some other proprietary languages. Either way I think you example still stands as far as PDF :)
M. David Peterson
2007-08-19 22:04:19

Thanks for the info! Will update the post now. :D