Ignite Boston, Free as in Beer

by Mike Hendrickson


The Second Ignite Boston is taking place this Thursday, September 6, from 6 to 10pm at Hurricane O'Reillys. If you have already RSVP'd your name is in our list and you will be entered into a drawing for $300 worth of O'Reilly books, and a Free Beer, or drink of your choice. If you have not RSVP'd or if you think a friend or two should join you, send email with your name to IgniteBoston AT oreilly DOT com. The talks are listed below.

    Keynote: Ben Fry - Visualizing Data
    Visualizing large data in a compelling style with tools that scale.

  1. Alessandro Pace - Flash Lite mobile technology
    I would like to showcase how to create Flash Lite content for mobile phones. I would be able to show sample applications
  2. Yael Maguire - New Uses of Long Range RFID
    Agile RFID reader technology.
  3. Jon Orwant - Google Book Search
  4. Ned Gulley - A wiki-like programming contest
    Picture a programming contest that's open source, fast-paced, and competitive. Addictive collaboration ensues
  5. Andy Gregorowicz - Mining Wikipedia
    An overview of how we mine the Wikipedia to create massive networks of concepts and terms with interesting visuals.
  6. Hari Jayaram - Waiting for the MySpace scientist
    Science is getting so complex that we need to open things up, collaborate and use technology more than ever before
  7. Neil Henry - Digital Image Glut
    Articulation of an unmet need of modern consumers. The scarcity of time to organize, rate and enjoy digital images
  8. Jesse Liberty - Sliverlight
    Learn what is cool with Sliverlight.
  9. Ivan Schneider - A proposal for rules-based payment processing
    Why should affiliates and suppliers wait for a check when the payments network can divvy the spoils for every purchase?
  10. Shava Nerad - Convergence: games, virtual worlds, social networking
    They grew up on their own -- now corporations enter. How will they deal with convergence and big money colonialism?
  11. Greg London - Bounty Hunters
    Looking at copyright law as a bounty/reward shows how to set the terms of copyright to some reasonable length.
  12. Michael Burns - Securing the OLPC
    Millions of XOs are being distributed this year. Bitfrost is the system to protect these child users. How does it work?
  13. Matt Douglas - Founder
    Develop a mantra for your product: how we make design decisions at MyPunchbowl.com
  14. Brian Olson - Ending Gerrymandering Through Automatic Redistricting
    Lots of states have crazy congressional districts drawn to the benefit of one party. Let a computer do it fairly!
  15. Daniel Olguin Olguin - Sensible Organizations
    Social sensor network technologies that will help individuals and organizations work better.
  16. Michael Colombo - AIR from the commercial trenches
    Seen enough Web 2.0 mashups? Let’s discuss building a business case, managing, and executing in an Adobe RIA universe.
  17. Ted Gilchrist - Extending Robocal to do "talking driving direcctions"
    Robocal is a talking Google Calendar, that you can call up. Now you'll get driving directions to your meetings.
  18. Renat Khasanshyn - Enterprise 2.0 and Data Mashups: Bridging the Web 2.0 Information Gap
    In today's enterprises, most data integration projects never get built. The ROI on these projects is simply too low. Co
  19. Dan Stolts - Free Local Technology Resources
    The local user group community is thriving. Get a taste of what the community is doing for the community.
  20. James Turner - 5 Ways to Keep an Editor Happy
    So, you'd like to write something for the ONLamp Family of Websites? Here's 5 basic boo-boos to avoid.
  21. Daniel Berube - Storytelling
    As Leader of the BOSFCPUG, I would like to discuss Final Cut Studio 2 as a tool for storytelling and video on the iPhone
  22. Keith Erskine - Launch: Padpaw
    Padpaw is out of the Garage! Padpaw helps your group with important updates and information using your cell phone
  23. Greg Raiz - Launch PicMe Photo Sharing
    PicMe is a desktop based photo sharing application. It allows users to view and share large collections of photos.

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