iLife '06 May 15 updates

by Todd Ogasawara

OK, I'll guess nearly everyone downloaded the iLife '06 update by now (including the 88.8MB iWeb update to 1.1). I wasn't exactly sure what the updates included and went looking for more information. Here's what I found...


2006-05-16 04:08:15
While I can't say that I had problems with the "regular" members of the iLife Suite, the additions to iWeb are greatly welcomed on account of their criminal lack of an appearance in v1.0. It will be interesting to see how much faster the online performance is but the ability to publish only the updates that you have made was highly necessary and I'm pleased by the addition of a blank template page for each theme, as well as some new themes themselves. It's still not an application that will impress the hardcore web developers but at least is shouldn't frustrate the casual publishers (like myself) as much. What I would like to see, however, is the task of making new themes made much simpler and a nice community of theme developers to provide some variety to the stock Apple ones.
Small Paul
2006-05-16 12:47:37
The iMovie forums also suggest the update has cured iMovie 6's PAL "sound blip" bug with fades applied within iMovie. Haven't tested it myself yet. Fingers crossed.
2007-08-21 18:47:49
I am up to movie 6.0.3 and iLife sound Effects still will not display. I have all of the required hardware. Any ideas why I can't get iLife Sound Effects?