by Erica Sadun

Behold iLight, my latest creation. It turns your $500 or $600 iPhone into a flashlight.

Use. Enjoy.


Dick Applebaum
2007-08-24 02:44:04
Hey Erica,

That's actually quite a useful little app-- It's great for reading the tab at the local (darkened) pub or restaurant or to avoid fumbling with keys to unlock the front door or car door.

Some options you might consider:

-- color selection
-- blinking emergency light

Anyway, my daughter and her 3 kids are going camping over Labor Day weekend. I just installed iLight on her iPhone-- I'm sure it will be a welcome companion in the wilderness.


2007-08-24 14:24:03
Can you turn my flashlight into an iPhone?
2007-08-24 19:55:29
How about iLavaLamp?

2007-09-04 15:39:01
I wonder if you can disable the screen dimmer when this is in the foreground? Then you'd have something...

2007-09-12 18:48:32
Ex. President Nixon
2007-09-12 18:49:13
How about a iSaber.....ahhhhhhh.
2007-09-23 21:37:38
It would be great if you could increase the brightness to 100% automatically when iLight is started and revert back to the original brightness when it ends. The brightness makes quite a difference to the effectiveness of the flashlight.
2008-06-23 10:30:09
Hello, Interested to download iLight to my iPhone